“My Brother’s Valuable Life” by Cal Thomas

lfl-logo-tiff Years ago, when I was a “constitutional pro-choicer,” a kind and gentle local prosecutor in Saginaw, Michigan named Thomas Ginster challenged me about the value of life. He told me about his brother with Downs Syndrome and how his family had learned what it meant to really love from his brother. Years later, after finding forgiveness and new life in Christ and His church, a seminary classmate lost his eight month old daughter. I remember going to the cemetery for the committal. My classmate had a brother with Downs. I will never forget the pure love that this young man showed for his fallen niece as he dropped a handful of little crosses in the grave before it was filled with earth and the Words of Hope spoken in anticipation of Christ’s promised resurrection of the dead. Years later still, by the grace of God my wife and I conceived a son. He didn’t live long. As with most Downs Syndrome children, he died before birth. We named him “Colm,” the name derived from the Irish word for “dove,” the symbol of the Holy Spirit and of peace.

All this came back to me today as I encountered “My Brother’s Valuable Life” by the columnist Cal Thomas. Thanks, Cal, for so publicly speaking about the value of life and to consider what the world needs to know: God defines value.

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