Further Thoughts on an Urban Confessional Lutheran Elementary Education Gathering

Confessional Lutheran Uban Elementary Education.web.1

I’m thinking a one day thing, perhaps on a Friday, with informal gatherings on Thursday and Friday evening, leaving Saturday for a travel day for those who need it. I’m also predisposed to keep this focused on urban education; that is, participants would be those actually in the city limits of metropolitan areas. The city tends to have different demographics and even value preferences that impact a school-mission. I’m predisposed, on another note, to keep this as low-key and dialogical as possible, as opposed to the standard lecture format. What I really want is to do is sit around the table with people–lay and clergy–who are in similar circumstances and talk about the issues. I’d like to walk a couple neighborhoods with these friends and then have lunch and then later a BBQ and sit back with some beer and wine and reflect into the evening. That sounds like a lot of fun, and a good opportunity to listen and learn…

See poll at right here at www.themosaiccommunity.com for possible Friday (Summer 2011) dates.

Let me know what you think.

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