Want to Talk about Urban Lutheran Education?

A number of responses to a post about urban ministry on Facebook rekindled an idea I had been pondering for a while: gather people interested in confessional Lutheran urban elementary education. So, I put together a little graphic.


Confessional Lutheran Uban Elementary Education.web.1

Anybody interested in coming to Chicago for a little conversation? I’ll host the gathering at St. Philip. It’s an easy flight or drive to Chicago from about anywhere in the country. We have great and affordable public transportation to get you to St. Philip, and—I suspect—that a good number of pastors and laypeople would be willing to put you up for a night or two; thus, we can do this affordably.

Chime in. Interested??? Chicago’s beautiful in the summer, and St. Philip is not far from Lakeshore Drive.

3 thoughts on “Want to Talk about Urban Lutheran Education?

  1. Well, I already chimed in on Facebook, but I will again here. I would certainly be interested in being part of such a gathering. I think it would be nice to take a confessional look at Lutheran elementary education in the 21st century. Things have changed drastically even in the last ten years. I hope others are interested and this can be made into a reality.

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