Sabbath Thanksgivings, Part 1: For Dissertation Support

I want to say a simple but public thanks for the encouragement that I have received from the leadership of St. Paul’s to finish my doctoral dissertation. Thousands of dollars and hours go into such a thing, and after all that effort, with still so much left to do, I began to despair of ever completing it, even as I was (and am) still paying off the loans. IMG_20130705_170554_327 (2)

Now, thanks to the encouragement of many, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, a project that I pray will be of benefit to God’s people and that probably would not have happened without the people of St. Paul’s, in various ways, stepping in to encourage.

I have several months of intense work to go, but with some discipline and continue encouragement it may actually happen!

Thank you, Lord, for the people of St. Paul’s.

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