Theo-centric Talk about Church Finances

The office of “pastor” is a preaching and teaching office. Whether you’re the “basic” parish pastor or the “top” ecclesiastical official. The video below from the President of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod concerns the financial situation of the Synod. I place this here because President Harrison is both teaching Biblical stewardship and, as a churchman, speaking the truth in love. I have been a pastor for less than 10 years, so I do not have a long perspective on this, but my sense is that this type of approach to the Synod’s finances—deeply theological yet transparent—is long overdue.

In this 12 minute presentation the President draws attention to the May 2011 special issue of the Synod’s magazine, The Lutheran Witness. This special issue, just mailed, gives detail about the financial situation. With a parish and school in a more solid but analogous situation, I am thankful for the theological example that the President is setting with this issue.

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